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Actived: Sunday Feb 28, 2021


Coupon Discounts at Hobby Lobby | Truth In Advertising

According to the complaint, the store’s coupons represent that percentage discounts will be taken off regular prices when, according to the plaintiffs, the store takes the discounts off of artificially inflated prices for merchandise that is always on sale. (Marcum et al v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., Case No. 18-cv-1388, N. D. FL.)

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Barnes & Noble's '15% Off Any Item of Your Choice' Coupon

In short, what started as a coupon for 15 percent off any item of your choice turned out to be a coupon for 15 percent off any item of Barnes and Noble’s choice. No wonder consumers are so skeptical of online pop-up ads. Find more of our coverage on coupons here.

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Hobby Lobby Coupons | Truth In Advertising

In May 2016, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Hobby Lobby stores for allegedly deceptively advertising discounts by representing on its coupons that consumers can get 40% off of “one item at regular price only.” The named plaintiff claims that she thought the coupon’s 40% off discount would be applied to an already discounted price because the item in question was marked as

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IKEA Coupons and Returns | Truth In Advertising

IKEA Coupons and Returns. In September 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against IKEA for allegedly misleadingly representing that customers who use a coupon to get $25 off of a purchase of $150 or more may return merchandise within 365 days for a full refund when,

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Crocs | Truth In Advertising

Coupon for 20 percent off is far from a shoo-in. Crocs’ footwear isn’t the only thing full of holes. A coupon the company emails to new newsletter subscribers for 20 percent off their next purchase is also causing some to vent.

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Urban Outfitters | Truth In Advertising

Urban Outfitters recently ran a promotion in which they gave out 10% off coupons alongside collectible pins in the mail. Here is the e-mail that ran with the physical mail offer: One reader received the buttons but no coupon in the pouch. According to the reader, Urban Outfitters explained that “they ran out [of the coupons] but

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Givling Queue Point Offers - Truth in Advertising

Exclusive Offer: Get $22 off 4 Bottles of Wine + Complimentary Shipping Plus, you'll earn 50,000 Queue Points for signing up with this partner. Send a copy of your receipt to [email protected] along with your customer number. One QP credit per Givling per account. New Winc customers only.

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Walgreens Prevagen - Truth in Advertising

Buy 1, Get 1 OFF Mix & Match Use code HEALTH 15 for an extra 15% off health & wellness items Vitamin Angels will receive a donation with every purchase. Details o In store In stock at 20 CONNECTICUT BLVD Check other stores Buy in store only — Add to Shopping List > Out of stock for shipping Supports: Healthy brain function. * Sharper mind.*

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CCW Safe | Truth In Advertising

CCW Safe advertises its services with commercials and radio spots. We’re not fans of this particular ad above, in part because the ad’s scare-tactic pitch and generally disturbing tone make us uncomfortable.

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Balance of Nature | Truth In - Truth In Advertising

Editor’s Note: Updates have been posted at the end of this article. Why stop at an apple a day? To truly keep the doctor away, take Balance of Nature, which boasts that its phytonutrient-rich supplements contain a prodigious 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per pill.

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