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Salesforce Certification Days

Earn a globally-recognized Salesforce Certification. There’s no better time to prove your hands-on experience with Salesforce and get a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities. BONUS: All Certification Day webinar attendees will receive a coupon code for a $40USD discount off ANY $200 exam!

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Learn About B2C Commerce Campaigns and Promotions Unit

Buy one pair of khaki pants and get 50% off on the next pair. Buy three raincoats and get 20% off the entire order. You can configure how the shopper qualifies for a discount. A coupon is a qualifier, for example—and an emailed coupon got the shopper those beautiful dresses! So campaigns contain promotions, and promotions are triggered by

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Create Campaigns Unit | Salesforce Trailhead

20% off Brand-X SuperSpeed running shoes % off Coupon Single Coupon 20% off Brand-X SuperSpeed running shoes and use a coupon code. Brandon can also apply rank to each promotion in the campaign by clicking in the Rank field (next to the Any and All setting) for each promotion and applying a value.

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Configure Checkout Unit | Salesforce Trailhead

Duration: These coupons are valid for a certain time period, such as 3 months, or you can set them up to expire on a specific date. Amount: With these coupons, you can reduce a customer’s invoice by a percentage or by a flat amount. Subscription: You can apply these coupons to every subscription a customer has or to a subset of subscriptions.

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Explore Discount Types and Promotion Controls 単元 | Salesforce

For example, if all shoppers get 10% off and registered shoppers get 20% off, the registered shoppers should only get a 20% discount. Brandon might, however, want shoppers to get a 10% product discount, free shipping based on the order value, and a free bonus product in the same order.

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Trailhead | The fun way to learn

Salesforce Administrator. You put the "I" in impact. For business, that means automating complex business processes, creating reports and dashboards, and training users on Salesforce. For your team, it means helping them stay efficient and on top of things while keeping an eye on their successes and customer relationships.

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Highlight Products and Promotions Unit | Salesforce Trailhead

All top buyers are in the account group called Gold Accounts. Capricorn Coffee uses promotions to offer Gold Account buyers a discount on its new bean range by showing an image with the discount (and its associated coupon code) in the right column of the home page. This promotion image displays only for users in that group.

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Learn About B2C Commerce Features Unit | Salesforce Trailhead

Coupons support direct marketing efforts. You can create single-use coupons and coupons that shoppers can use more than once. Customer groups can be a list of specific customers or customers that meet certain criteria such as age and geographic location. Source codes are available via a link on an affiliate website. Shoppers search on one site

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Unidade Explore Campaigns and Experience Types

You can set multiple qualifiers for a promotion. For example, Brandon wants to offer 20% off Brand-X SuperSpeed running shoes. To qualify, the shopper must be a Loyalty Program member and enter a coupon code that they received in an email. That’s super targeted!

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Ace the Site Readiness Assessment Unit | Salesforce Trailhead

Schedule data-integration jobs during off-peak hours, and avoid running jobs on top of one another. Address errors logged to API and deprecation log files. Promptly fix jobs and processes that cause quota violations. Build a Secure Storefront. When it comes to storefronts, fast is great, stable is great, but secure is most important.

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