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Do you offer discounts or coupons? | Segment Documentation

Coupons are applied to your monthly (or annual) bill, which reduces the corresponding charge to your credit card. Coupons can either take the format of a percent-off or a dollar value-off your bill. If your coupon is a percentage-off your bill, the dollar value of the coupon may change as your bill may fluctuate month-to-month.

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Stripe Source | Segment Documentation

coupons: object: A coupon contains information about a percent-off or amount-off discount you might want to apply to a customer. Coupons only apply to invoices; they do not apply to one-off charges. For more information, see Stripe’s API docs: customers: object

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Google Analytics Destination | Segment Documentation

Coupons. To send coupon data to your Order Completed event when using Enhanced E-commerce, you can add the coupon property on the order level, or the product level, or both. In the example below, the Segment Google Analytics Ecommerce destination accepts total or revenue, but not both.

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How do I measure the ROI of my Marketing Campaigns

“A Toast To Your Friend”, where you can buy toast for a friend at $5 off Each of these campaigns used a combination of channels. Here is a table with the channels and corresponding UTM parameters so when we build the SQL query, we can make sure all of the traffic sources are accounted for.

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What are my data export options? | Segment Documentation

There are a few ways to export your Segment data. Segment Business customers have the most data flexibility, but our self-service customers also have options. Business plan customers. Customers on our business plan can take advantage of Replay when they change vendors or add a vendor to their marketing and analytics stack. Replay. When you want to trial or start using a new vendor, Segment can

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Warehouse FAQs | Segment Documentation

The technical documentation for Segment. Can I control what data is sent to my warehouse? Yes! For those of you who are on our Business plan, you can choose which sources, collections, and properties sync to your data warehouse.. Selective Sync will help manage what data is sent to each individual warehouse, allowing you to sync different sets of data from the same source to different warehouses.

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How do we track your customers across channels and devices

Since the marketing campaign is from off-domain to your storefront (on your property or domain), then it’s critical to use the proper and consistent UTM params across all of your channels: emails. paid acquisition. guest blog post in partner’s newsletter. article in the news. offline events / in real life / meat space

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Best practices in identifying users | Segment Documentation

There are a few things that might cause your numbers to be off. Missing sign-ups. The most common problem people run into when tracking new user signups client-side is that only a portion of their new users are showing up in reports. This is usually caused by the page redirecting or reloading before the tracking calls get a chance to run.

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How do we set up event-triggered notifications or alerts

The last option for alerting based off of Segment events is to use one of the email tools available on the Segment platform that offers event-triggered emails. Your options there are, Vero, Autopilot, Outbound, Klaviyo, or Threads.

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A simple Segment installation | Segment Documentation

That identifies Michael by his unique User ID (in this case, f4ca124298, which is what you know him by in your database) and labels him with name and email traits. Hold up though! When you actually put that code on your site, you need to replace those hard-coded trait values with the variables that represent the details of the currently logged-in user.

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