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Actived: Saturday Feb 27, 2021


Incorrect Coupon Codes on multi-line items in an Order

Hover over the Discount callout message “X% Off order”, for the first line item the value displayed on hover is the Digital internal coupon identifier, for example- ‘a38xxxxxxxxxx5d35c’ and for the second line item the value displayed on Hover “X% Off order” is the DIgital coupon code or the actual code, for example- ‘XXXXXXXXX18’.

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Coupon code for Salesforce Admin certification - Answers

Can anyone help me in finding the coupon code for the Salesforce Admin Certifcation, as I am planning to take my exam in July 1st week. Please let me know as earliest. Thank You.

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Explore Discount Types and Promotion Controls 単元 | Salesforce

For example, if all shoppers get 10% off and registered shoppers get 20% off, the registered shoppers should only get a 20% discount. Brandon might, however, want shoppers to get a 10% product discount, free shipping based on the order value, and a free bonus product in the same order.

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Coupon to get Pro version of MyEclipse IDE! Here you go

Hello, I found the coupon code from few sites including retailmenot, groupon, techbargains but nothing worked but my friend suggested to check to get deals up to 10% off on Saleforce products.

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how do i get a coupon/voucher code to register for

I am trying to register for the 201 Admin exam on Kryterion's website. This is a retake. It is requiring I enter a Coupon/Voucher code. How/where do I get this? I don't think I needed this when I registered to take my first attempt. Thank you.

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exams vouchers - Answers - Salesforce Trailblazer Community

Hi, I joined an official salesforce cert day this morning and it say's "All webinar attendees will receive a coupon code for a $70 discount off of any $200 exam". I'm interested to know how long it takes before I get a discount code, I thought it might be odd I havent recieved yet and might of had it via email after the webinar finished this morning.

It was in India time if that has any

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A single coupon code is incorrectly allowed to be used

When a single coupon code is applied multiple times in the same order, the promotion library honors all the coupons and applies it to all the discounts. Repro Create a single coupon called TESTCOUPON and make sure redemption per customer is set to one.

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What is the best way to send coupon codes? - Answers

My company is very new to the Exact Target platofrm. I'd like to send an e-mail with coupon codes to a subset of my customers. My ecommece platform generates a csv of random coupon codes similar to "WELCOME18akd" What is the best way to send coupon codes with Exact Target? Is creating a new group of subscribers, a new profile attribute, and importing the coupon codes in to that profile

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Unable to apply order promotion with coupon code qualifier

4. Create a new coupon and assign it to the campaign under Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Coupons 5. Under Administration > Global Preferences > Feature Switches. Turn OFF the promotion library On the storefront, add any product above $100 in cart, input the coupon code created above and it is applied with price $0.00

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Profitable in a Pandemic? How This Advertising Firm Pulled

How This Advertising Firm Pulled off Growth While other companies in the direct mail industry have struggled during the pandemic, Valpak has grown, and thrived. As you can imagine, for a company that sends out millions of coupons every month, we were drowning in paper. Sales reps drove around town to chase down physical signatures and payments.

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