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Modern Homemaker On A Modest Budget. Welcome to my blog, My Stay At Home Adventures. My name Joyce a Latina mom of 4 wonderful kids (18, 6, and 3, 4 months) who writes about her adventures at home.

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Print Your Coupons - My Stay At Home Adventures

Welcome to My Stay At Home Adventures Print Your Coupon page! Below you are going to be able to search for online printable coupons from and be able to print them as well. If you are mobile, you going to be able to print them as well, so you don't have to worry aboutKeep Reading

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Learn How To Coupon In 2019 and Stay Ahead of The Saving Game

I never thought that coupons could save me tons of money or that the use of coupons would help me to get out of debt. Now that my credit cards and loans are paid off, I continued to use coupons, but differently and you will learn more about this later. The way coupons are being used has evolved through the recent years.

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How to Use a Coupon Savings Calculator (Free Spreadsheet)

Then I look through my coupons and match them up with the sales. I will sometimes cross off the original price and then put the price I will actually pay after the coupon. This helps me determine if the final price is a deal or not. Reply. Mary says. July 20, at 7:11 am.

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Elite Blog Academy Promo Code – Latest Promo Code

Welcome and I am pretty sure that you are here because you are looking for the latest Elite Blog Academy Promo Code, but the sad news is that this year there is none! However, don’t be sad because there is no promo code as this post was originally written for Elite Blog Academy on AprilKeep Reading

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3 Mind Numbing Facts About Using Coupons During Quarantine

Coupons are great tools to help you reduce your debt. It worked for me and many others who decided to take control of their finances and become debt-free. I hope these 3 surprising reasons will change your mind about coupons when tackling our debt. Using coupons is not for the poor nor for the elderly. Is to help us save money.

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23 Helpful Ways To Save Money & See Results Fast

Coupons have revolved, and thanks to technology, it is available to just about anyone. Even paper coupons are still available, and we do offer them in our page on our Print Your Coupon page. If you are shopping online, many apps and sites offer you cash backs and rewards, which you turn into gift cards.

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How to Use Budget Binder Printables (And See Success)

If your yearly long-term plan is to save $400 each month on your grocery category for a total of $4800 by using coupons and three months in you realized that this is not working because: A – Cutting couponing takes way too much time. B – You do not see results. C – You found that meal planning and using a shopping list works for you

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5 Ways to Save Money On Your Electric Bill And See Results

The best way to find your electric company peak and off-peak rates is by calling them or searching their website. Each state has a different peak and off-peak rate time. Unplug unused electronics. Even if you are not using your electronic devices, if they are plugged in, they are still using power.

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7 Ways To Get Out Of Debt On a Low Income You Can Do Today

If you want to pay off your smaller debt first then do it or if you want to pay off the highest paying debt, that’s fine. It is up to you! You are going to create this plan of attack and you are going to make sure you follow it. For this reason, you need to break this plan into smaller ones to avoid being overwhelmed or lose motivation.

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4 Ways To Save Money When You Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Once your debt is paid off, chances are you’ll find that you have money left over at the end of the week that can be put into savings. Paycheck To Paycheck Statistics Believe it or not, roughly 75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck .

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