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This is how I create a promo code. I'm only using

This is how I create a promo code. I'm only using percentage off, but you can set it up however you want. I'm getting $_POST['percentage'] and $_POST['coupon-code'] from a front-end form, along with the nonces - create-shopp-promo.php

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GitHub - weld-io/coupon-service: REST API service for

percent_off (positive integer): Percent that will be taken off the subtotal of any invoices for this customer for the duration of the coupon. For example, a coupon with percent_off of 50 will make a kr100 invoice kr50 instead.

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New formula · Issue #2 · ameir/lowes-coupon-generator · GitHub

Hi, Lowe's recently changed their $20 off $100 algorithm to generate the digits before the 4 digit signature towards the end. Do you have an update for this tool to calculate the $20 off $100 codes using the new algorithm along with the

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Siteground Coupons & Promo Codes (upto 70% Off) 2020 - Gist

Siteground Coupons & Promo Codes (upto 70% Off) 2020 Why SiteGround is the best General or Managed WordPress Hosting. Who are specialists in WordPress is clear. Not surprisingly, WordPress includes it on its own page of recommended hostings . And, in addition, it is the only hosting that appears in the WordPress recommendation lists, Joomla

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GitHub - couponhacks/CleanMyMac-Coupon: CleanMyMac's

All these coupons have been personally tested by me and works perfectly. Simply follow the links and you will get a discount applied. 5% Off CleanMyMac (Hider or CleanMyPc can also be applied)

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GitHub - Deveodk/woo-discount-rules-pro

* Members of Wholesale customers group gets 40% discount, while Retail customers get 5% discount = Discount rules activated by coupon = * Activate / Trigger a discount rule upon entering a coupon code (useful when you want to provide discount to a target group of users) = Global Discount Storewide = * 20% discount on all items in the store till

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GeeksForGeeks Discount Coupons · GitHub

GeeksForGeeks Discount Coupons - (20% off) Amazon SDE Test Series => GFGHARSHIT - (16% off) DSA Self Paced => HARSHITDSASP - (20% off) TCS interview prepration => TCSHARSHIT

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GitHub - OpenGenus/Best-student-discount-services: Best

Amtrak: 10% off on train and bus service. Budget Truck Rental: Up to 20% off truck rental. METROLINK: 25% off Monthly Pass, 7-Day Pass, One-Way and Round-Trip tickets. Food. Arby’s: Offers a 10% discount at certain locations with your student ID. Buffalo Wild Wings: Get a 10% discount off those flaming wings with your student ID

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Get all Udemy Courses with 100% off Coupons thanks to

Get all Udemy Courses with 100% off Coupons thanks to & -

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