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How To Can Fresh Green Beans - Dummies

Garden fresh green beans are a staple for any pantry. When you can green, string, Italian, or wax beans, select beans that are tender and small. Remove the ends and strings from the beans. Can them whole or cut them into 1- to 2-inch pieces. Canning and preserving low-acid foods — such as green beans […]

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How to Create Etsy Coupons - dummies

Etsy creates the coupon code and lists it on the Coupon Codes page. If you want to deactivate a coupon code you can easily do so. Simply click the code’s Active link. Then, in the dialog box that appears, click the Inactive option button and click Save Changes. Etsy deactivates the code for you.

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How to Tailor Your Coupon Campaign on Social Media - dummies

The fine print on some deals allows buyers to receive a discount equal to the amount paid for the coupon — even if the deal has expired. Suppose someone paid $6 for coffee costing $12 on a deal that expired on 12/31/11. If they come into your store a year later, you may have to give them $6 off of coffee, whose price has now increased to $15.

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A Collection of Images from Online Couponing In A Day For

Coupons.com offers a savings club where members can get access to exclusive higher-value coupons, in addition to the typical free coupons they offer. 1332. Seven dollars off two rolls of wrap is a deal that’s just too good to be true. 2032. Back Next . High-value fraudulent coupon. This one’s fake, too, and an even more “too good to

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Offering Customers Incentives to Return - dummies

Some examples are a percentage-off coupon code, an offer to buy one and get one free, a limited-time offer, the option to purchase on a deferred-payment plan, and the opportunity for free shipping. When you have this information, you’re ready to create an offer tailored to the consumer’s preferences!

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How to Use Managerial Economics to Influence Consumer

An added advantage of coupons is that they allow you to differentiate between consumers with different price elasticities of demand. Back to your pizza restaurant, where you decide to run a special — $0.25 off each pizza slice with coupon. Before the coupon, your customers were deciding between tacos priced at $0.50 each and pizza priced at

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6 Secrets for Influencer Marketing Success - dummies

Your influencer marketing plan should focus on having influencers share a link to your website where people can then find a coupon code to use toward a purchase. Before you start your month-long influencer marketing campaign, gather some baseline information about your website traffic and know your typical sales numbers for your product.

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Get the Basic Information about a Bond - dummies

The term coupon rate refers to the fact that in the old days, bonds had actual coupons attached that you would rip off at regular intervals to redeem for cash. Bonds no longer have such coupons; in fact, they aren’t printed on paper anymore. Bonds are all electronic, but the term remains.

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7-Day Menu Planner For Dummies Cheat Sheet - dummies

From 7-Day Menu Planner For Dummies. By Susan Nicholson . The secret to great meals is in the planning. The truth is, many people think they hate to cook when they just haven’t figured out how to plan what to cook. When you plan your dinner menus ahead of time, you eat healthier, save money, reduce stress, and enjoy delicious meals.

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Series 7 Exam: Types of Bond Certificates - dummies

If you remember that book entry bonds don’t require the investor to mail in anything, you know Statement I is wrong; therefore, you can immediately cross off Choices (A), (C), and (D). Both bearer bonds and partially registered bonds require the investor to turn in coupons to the issuer in order to receive interest payments.

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10 Tips for Saving Money and Time as an Etsy Shop Owner

Get off the computer! There’s only one problem with Etsy: It’s addicting! You may find yourself spending way more time browsing than crafting. That’s fine and dandy — unless your time is valuable! Set a timer if you have to, but limit your computer time to make sure that you focus on your business, too.

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