How To Identify What Startup Programs Are Safe To Disable

Tip. As a general rule, it is safe to remove any startup program. If a program starts automatically, it's usually because they provide a service that works best if it's always running, such as an antivirus program. Or, the software may be necessary to access special hardware features, such as proprietary printer software. In other cases, the software loads at startup merely because that will

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Anyone else with problems loading site?

Can't think of a particular site off the top of my head that this happened with lately, but this may be a clue in what might be causing the page loading issue. FYI, the default URL that comes up when I just type in the basic site address (

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Ad Blockers - A Force for Good?

So if they had this ability to refine it to people voluntarily willing to have a profile created so its not invasion of privacy and you dont need to install any crap on your computer to print out coupons like but can simply click the ad and print off a coupon with ease, then I would welcome ads and shut off my adblock more often.

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I Got What I Believe is a Trojan and I Need HELP Removing It

Click to add a check mark beside Turn off System Restore and click Apply When you are warned that all existing Restore Points will be deleted, click Yes to continue and wait a few moments to let System Restore clear. Uncheck "Turn off System Restore" Click "Apply," and then click "OK".-----

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Problem with "welcome to nginx" and website logins

BHO: Toolbar: {37153479-1976-43c3-a1ee-557513977b64} - c:\program files\\prxtbCou0.dll linking to a EULA via an off-screen link. •Makes confusing changes to users' browsers -- increasing Ask's revenues while taking users to pages they didn't intend to visit.

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Can't install SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition

Here is the most recent CF log. I will try Malwarebytes now. ComboFix 09-03-02.01 - Khickman 2009-03-02 20:58:04.2 - NTFSx86 Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.511.145 [GMT -5:00]

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Graphics are loading slowly in both IE and Firefox

I can do all the QuickTime stuff but I think I need to hold off on updating Java. The reason being is that I work for a company uses a program that is on my computer that still uses an older version of Java. The time that I updated Java rendered their program useless so I had to revert back.

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How to remove an Internet browser toolbar

Microsoft Internet Explorer. Toolbars can be removed from Internet Explorer by following the steps below. Click Tools.If you do not see Tools, press the Alt key to open the file menu and then click Tools.; In the Tools menu, click Manage Add-ons.; In Manage add-ons, under the Toolbars and Extensions section, select the toolbar you want to disable and then click the Disable button.

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How do I remove computer memory in my computer?

If the computer is not already opened, open the computer and locate the memory in the memory slots you want to remove. If all memory slots are occupied and you don't know what memory to remove, use a third-party tool, such as the online Crucial Memory Scanner, to display your memory information.The picture is an example of what the results of this memory scanner may show.

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How to fix smudged, lined, or distorted printer printouts

If you are using anything other than standard printer paper, you may see smudges, uneven or crooked text, or text that runs off the edges of the paper. To verify this is not the issue, try 8.5 x 11 sheets in your printer. If your printer works fine with standard paper, you may have a sizing or texture issue. If not, move on to the next section.

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How do I start a computer repair business?

The Internet alone can offer many options, including banner ads, search engine ratings, and Craigslist (or similar sites) are a few of the possibilities. E-mail marketing can also be a valuable asset if the right market is targeted. Off the Internet, flyers can be handed out, set out in various locations for people to take, or mailed to their home.

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