New Line Required - Verizon Community

verizonsucks1909, Our apologies for any confusion regarding the link that was sent. It's important to get great deals when upgrading as well. I know the landing page may have verbiage geared towards the new lines, but the upgrade discounts are there as well.

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Applying coupon codes after the purchase? - Verizon Community

There should be some sort of "missed coupon" tool in billings bag of tricks. So far, the phone reps have not been helpful. Anyone know of the best way to handle or get this done? The Visa offer is $50 off any phone purchase. So should be worth $100 between the transactions. When you enter the code in the cart it takes it off the phone price

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Coupon accepted but wasn't applied - Verizon Community

The total bill was going to be around $77. I looked for a verizon coupon online and I found one as a good deal 50% off and free shipping. I wrote it where it says apply coupons, and it was accepted and the bill went down to $45 something. I was very happy so I accepted and at the end the confirmation note said that the firs bill was going to be

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Points - Coupons? - Verizon Community

So the points are for coupons? I can most of the items I viewed from Amazon for way cheaper. Am I missing something? Surely Verizon wouldn't give us points just to make a huge profit from what we redeem.

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How do I find the coupon code to save my voice mai

ALIMYE16, With the voice mail from CBW Productions, there isn't any special type of promotion codes; as they have specific rates for each voice mail and the format type.

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How do I quit Verizon Up? - Verizon Community

It is NOT a great rewards program, it is a pathetic list of coupons or chances to win tickets to shows I do not want to see in places I do not want to visit. I am quite sure the product vendors are paying Verizon a pretty penny to have their coupons passed off as rewards. Not interested, I want out.

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$200 instant savings promo August 2015 - Verizon Community

Does anyone have information regarding the $200.00 instant savings off the upgrade or activation of an IPhone 6 that was effective on August 15, 2015? (it was Tax-Free weekend in Massachusetts). I'm looking for the details of the program- a coupon code, screenshot of the details of the promo, anyth

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Long time customer - Verizon Community

Ann154 is correct, CBCS70. We appreciate your business and never want to lose that. We have promotions for current customers all year. There are deals that are exclusive to current customers, and if you log into My Verizon, hover over My Verizon, My Plan & Services, then click on My Offers you can see deals specific to your account.

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