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Discount Management for Subscription Businesses

Chargebee's off-the-shelf discount management system lets you work with different types of coupons. So give away discounts & drive more revenue.

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Ask us: What are the different types of marketing

Example: Create a 100% off coupon code that is applicable only on that addon. The invoice will automatically reflect these line items with clear description that discount is applied on that addon. It is a win-win to recruit beta users this way for your new product feature. Referral Program:

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ChargeBee new subscription billing features: Flexi-coupons

You can now configure coupons to apply on “plans” or “plans & addons”. If your customer wants to buy multiple quantities of particular plan, you can apply fixed amount discount coupons by quantity ($2 off multiplied by plan quantity). Restrict coupons by specific plans for which they should apply.

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5 Ways to Use Promotional Coupons in Your SaaS Company

5. Do seasonal promotional coupons. Seasonal promotions are another popular way for companies to see a surge in business. Starbucks does it every year with their Pumpkin Spice Latte, so doing seasonal promotional coupons only makes sense–even for a SaaS company.

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Checkout : One-Time Payments - Chargebee Docs

To enable Checkout for One-time Payments, click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self Serve Portal > One time payments > Enable. Here's a sample of the configuration page for One-time Payments. The configuration settings for One-time Payments are listed in this table. Setting. Function.

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Report Builder - Chargebee

Provides information on the adjustment. If the value is $13.23 and they round off the final price to 13, then the adjustment here is -23 cents. Order Date: The date when the order was placed. Shipping Date: This is the date on which the order is/has to be shipped. Paid On: Date and time of invoice payment for an order. Shipping Cut Off Date

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How Whiteboard reduced Churn by 100% using Chargebee

We’ve reduced churn by over 100%. We’ve made the team more effective, more informed, and more empowered to help our customers. For Whiteboard, Chargebee has been a pivotal and indispensable tool. — Ben Laughter, VP of Customer Success and Operations, Whiteboard CRM.

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Offline Payments - Chargebee Docs

0:00. 0:00 / 5:21. Live. •. Offline payments are transactions processed asynchronously. The transaction is usually done offline and reconciled manually or automatically to the console. Typically, there is a delay in paying offline and reconciling it, compared to online payments where everything happens real-time.

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Invoice Operations - Chargebee Docs

Write-off . If the invoice's due amount was not collected even after multiple attempts, Write Off operation can be used to close the invoice. When this option is used, An Adjustment Credit Note will be created for the invoice due amount. This Credit Note will have the reason code as "Write Off" and will then be applied to the same invoice.

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Configuring In-App Checkout - Chargebee Docs

Configuring In-app Checkout. As a merchant, Chargebee provides a powerful configuration capability that you can use to build the checkout, the way you want. To access the configuration screen click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self Serve Portal. You can configure the settings from this screen.

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