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Actived: Monday Mar 1, 2021

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Is it legal for a consumer to use a coupon infinitely

What are the laws surrounding the use of coupons? If a retail company offers a coupon, say $5 off $5, and new unique coupons can be generated an infinite number of times, are there any kind of criminal charges for fraud or stealing a company can bring up if someone is abusing these coupons and getting things for free essentially?

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Can a company not honor a coupon they gave out even though

I was given a coupon code for 50% off from a company because they messed up my order. I went to use the coupon code today and they said they will no longer honor it even though there is not an expiration date anywhere on the coupon.

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Is coupon discrimination worth pursuing? - Legal Answers

They publish deals in their weekly circular to buy 10 products for $10.00. When I pay for the product with coupons they give me hell often times not taking some or all of them. I have called corporate to explain that their store managers are not abiding by their coupon policy and they just sluff it off.

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Hotel Coupons? - Legal Answers - Avvo

These coupons are usually for $100 off for $10. I'm wondering where these coupons are coming from, and if it is legal to sell them. If he were to get caught, what would be the legal punishment, if any? Thanks so much. More . Business. Ask a lawyer - it's free! Browse related questions.

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What will be my sentence or consequence for coupon abuse

I worked at a department store and I committed coupon abuse. We have birthday coupons valued at 10 and 20 dollars off anything in the store. I got over 1,500 worth of merchandise for less than 100 dollars in separate transactions. Loss and prevention came to investigate and I was terminated. The police did get involved because they counted it

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I was charged with coupon fraud - Legal Answers - Avvo

I was charged with coupon fraud. Avvo has 97% of all lawyers in the US. Find the best ones near you.

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Is it illegal for companies not to honor the promotional

Is it illegal for companies not to honor the promotional codes they send you?

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I am being offered some coupons from the makers of Lipton

Coupons just don't seem ok to me I will not shop at Giat and Lipton products are off limits since the peanut butter scare I am leary of certain products. More . Negligence and personal injury. Ask a lawyer - it's free! Browse related questions. 1 attorney answer.

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Is it illegal to put flyers/coupons/advertisements in

It seems to me dropping off coupons in mailboxes or on cars can be efficient. Especially that I have received many flyers from big name businesses the same way. So I was wondering if it's OK to drop off coupons in mailboxes? and if not, what's the worst fine can be? since I see many businesses doing it.

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Trying to confirm if reverse passing off is really illegal

Some even reverse pass off themselves so they corner the market. Now I am sure they are under contract and they get bulk pricing. This is a win win. That is the whole point in selling in bulk to get guaranteed sales. Alas I am too small for their minimums but still get reduced price by buying their maximum and using coupons.

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