Evaluation Comments For Overall Performance

Consistently exceeds job standards and company expectations Demonstrates an understanding and commitment to the job Is a proven employee that can be relied upon

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Free Blank Coupon Template | Printable Word Gift Coupons

A blank coupon template you can use to create your own coupons. Coupon Template: Free Blank Coupons: Coupon: Sample Sales Letters: Letter To Request A Sales Meeting: Letter Asking For Business Donations: Quotes & Bids: Printable Quote Template: Blank Job Proposal Format: Free Job Estimate Forms:

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6 Tips and Tricks to Save Money and More Shopping Online

Some make you wait a bit, but more often than not, you can get 10-15% off of your purchase when you sign up for emails. Some companies even offer coupons up to 20% or 25% off. If you have multiple email addresses, use them to sign up for emails and get multiple coupons to use for your purchases.

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Paper Clutter Organization 101: How to Rid Your Office of

From bills to coupons and recipes, there are some clever ways you can practice good paper clutter organization. First, put all of your clipped coupons in a three-ring binder with plastic sleeves. This coupon book can be organized by item type to make it super-easy to find the coupons you need before you head to the store.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Orthodontic Marketing: 5 Secret Tips

Make it a no-brainer by offering both your patient and the referral 10% off on their next routine visit. This is a secret way to catapult your referral program and patient. Give your customers a coupon code to join your Facebook community or email newsletter. You can then update your clients on a regular basis with announcements and news.

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Trim the Fat: How to Effectively Cut Overhead Costs for

Installing a sensor to switch off the lights after a period of inactivity in the area will ensure you’re not wasting your money. 2. Rent Premises Instead of Buying Just as you’d use discounts, coupons, and offers to save money on your personal spending, extend this to your business accounts too.

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10 Clever Storage Organization Ideas for Your Home Business

Use one pocket insert page to put the bills and payment coupons inside. Once the bill is paid then move the stubs to the second pocket insert page and label that page as “PAID.” Every couple of months you can file away the stubs in the paid side. 2. Pegboard Vertical Storage

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8 Smart and Economical Ways to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

6. Find Coupons. Look for coupons that come directly from the manufacturer. Big manufacturers with expensive prescription drugs may offer a coupon savings program. They must do so in order to stay in the game with other manufacturers. Check out the manufacturer’s website and see what coupons they have to offer. 7. Look into Patient Assistance

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5 Unique Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business

People like good sales in the summer. Try to create a sales promotion to take advantage of the summer excitement. For example, offer $10 off purchases over $100 if the temperature goes above 100 degrees. Use other summer words such as “sizzling summer sales” or even “rainy day bargains” to get people inside when the weather is not so

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