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How to Give Smart Discounts for Cyber Monday | APPSeCONNECT

Step-discounts refer to the method of issuing increased total discounts for reaching higher thresholds – for example, 10% off on purchases over $200, 15% off on purchases over $500 and 20% off on purchases over $1000. The same method is applied in terms of additional products.

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Pricing Rules In Prestashop 1.7 -

At the front end the customer would see 80 USD stroked off and the updated-discounted price of 60 USD. Alternatively, you might wish to change the base price of all the items that meet the condition for this rule. Click on Save and you would have a Cart rule with a coupon code created successfully.

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NineLine Apparel

Business One HANA as discount or coupons but as Line Items which needed manual adjustments. About: NineLine Apparel was founded in 2012 by two army veteran brothers to provide the quality apparel to patriotic Americans. As a lifestyle brand, Nine Line Apparel aims to reinvigorate the sense of patriotism and national pride.

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Arijita Das | APPSeCONNECT

If you are using Zoho CRM in your organization, it is likely that you have evaluated Zoho Mail for your internal or external communication. With Zoho Mail, all email conversations are present in one single place – in your Zoho CRM and at any time you can easily access all information exchanged with any customer, potentials, vendor, etc. right from your Zoho CRM.

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